-Eric went back to school today (after hurting his back last night; he’s fine); so today marked J’s 1st day without Eric at home
-J had a digestive breakthrough this morning!  She was grateful…life is reduced to the basics these days 🙂
-Around 10:45am, J & I went to Kaiser in SCV to get her blood drawn (Monica was the fastest phlebotomist I’ve ever seen AND she thought J&I were sisters); to test level of white blood cells; she’s a permanent ‘STAT’ order 🙂
-A friend cleaned J&E’s house today 🙂
-J& I went to panera after blood lab; J ordered chicken tortilla soup & whole grain bread and a beverage;
We had cool conversation about God, cancer, etc.  and I quote ‘Reading the Bible gives me the fuel to be thankful’.
-J&I went to her classroom and did some cleaning whilst listening to great music
-J& I went home (welcomed by a clean house 🙂 ) and watched Baraka
-Around 4pm J got a call from Gina from Dr. Shin’s office and J’s blood work came back (way to be snappy, Kaiser) and her white blood cell count is a little low.  So, she will have 3 more injections (she had 5 last week, administered by Dr. EG Margrave)
-J heard back from the district about her employment and things are looking good (no conclusions yet, but good data)
-E&J&I went to the pharmacy to pick up her injections (J&I waited in the car, pharmacies are full of sickies)
-E&J&I went to La Rumba for 99cent taco night (though, J did not get tacos due to doctors orders to eat cooked foods and fruits/veggies with peels …to avoid more germs, due to a weakened immune system)
-E&J&I ran one more errand before home and then an injection and then bed
-Today was a 9 out of 10!



9 Responses

  1. Facebook Comment at 12:39am January 6, 2009
    I loved these pictures, and Jennene’s sincere smiles in them. 😀 My favorites are the soup picture and the drawing blood pic….c’mon, bring on the shot: “It’s the best thing since sliced bread!”

  2. Facebook Comment at 8:00am January 6, 2009
    I love these updates and picture chronicling!!
    Go Jennene!! I will continue to pray for God to bless you during your treatment and to heal you completely.

  3. Facebook Comment at 8:20am January 6, 2009
    Thanks for the pics and the updates Sam and J. I am a praying bystander. Fully committed to the knowledge and belief that God heals and is sovereign in all his dealings with us.(2 cancer family members are currently healed). I am praying, “the prayer that never fails”… Lord work as You will in J’s life and teach me to trust you! (note.. the prayer that never fails quote is from the Mitford series by Jan Karon a lovely, easy, comforting and fun to read series). Keep smiling J, the Lord is working His will in your life and to all that are touched by it.

  4. Facebook Comment at 12:34pm January 6, 2009
    I love the updates! You are in my prayers! Thank God for great family and great friends! Go Sam!

  5. Facebook Comment at 1:46pm January 6, 2009
    So happy my lil sis is getting such good care! How’d you like Baraka Sam? 9 out of 10 — SUH-WEEEET!

  6. Facebook Comment at 9:44pm January 6, 2009
    thx for the notes sam. keep them coming; we’ll keep praying

  7. Facebook Comment at 11:42pm January 6, 2009
    Go white blood cells!! We call you forth in Jesus name. May the Holy Spirit be the fighting fire in your body. Thank you, Papa, that all healing comes from you and Jennene is resting in your hands!!

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