Things are looking up.  J is progressing!  See rating below.  🙂
-Today, J read the Bible, did email, checked facebook, had time with Eric (!!!)
-MaryBeth brought dinner over and J got to visit with her and the kids for a bit 🙂
-J got to chat with Kristin M (from church)
-Overall, J is a 7 out of 10 (10 is the best)!!  Seriously, God is showing his mercy… she was a 3 last Monday and a week later is a 7!!!!!

-J’s mom’s birthday is on Wednesday April 1st.  Happy Birthday, Gail!!!
-I will be taking J to get her blood drawn on Wednesday (to check her White Blood Cells).




-J is doing a little better; still easily tired out
-Today J read the Bible, checked email, read some blogs, talked to her dad and hung out with me
-J&I watched an Oprah special on the FLDS on the YFZ compound.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go read the book ‘Under The Banner of Heaven’.  whoa…
-Sarah (co-worker of E’s) & Joseph Isaac brought a bounty of Stonefire and pantry love.  Thank you SO SO SO much!
-Overall, J is a 6.5 out of 10 (10 is the best!).  So, she’s headed in the right direction!  Praise the LORD!



-E went to church to run sound for the Worship team while J stayed home.  Though, J did play the piano and sing some worship songs on her own.  🙂
-E&J had lunch and hung out.
-E&J&I watched 2 movies (1 documentary and 1 surf movie).  The documentary was very one-sided (about the drug war in America) and the surf movie was amazing (though it was slow and had some lame writing, but visually…the waves were ferocious)!
-In general, J has very little energy (note pic series below 🙂 ).  We had a lot of laughs as she was trying to find some dough in the fridge (to make pizza), she definitely seemed loaded (she wasn’t.  just weak).
-E is feeling much better (still not 100%) and did some lesson planning at night.
-J is a 6 out of 10 (10 is the best)



From Jennene….

“Today Eric and I both felt better, praise the Lord.
-We both slept in a bit and have been low key today, but had enough energy to do a little cleaning (our kitchen needed it). -I had a good conversation on Skype with my mom — talking about not wasting our lives — it was convicting and encouraging for us both.
-Eric did some work for school and I was tuckered out from cleaning — it didn’t take much to get me tired.
-I’m still eating a little slowly and feeling a little indigestion after eating. It helps a lot when I move around and not just sit, though I find I end up sitting most of the day. My lack of exercise is probably contributing to fatigue and indigestion this time around.

-the Melcons and Carella DeVol provided a lovely meal of Corner bakery *yum, even though Kelly Melcon is sick. So sweet. We both enjoyed it greatly.

Mary Chestnut just sent me today a gift cert. to Massage envy. So cool, I’m stoked to redeem it

-So we’re thankful that we’re both feeling better and are still praying for high WBC for me and that I avoid getting sick from Eric.”
-Overall, J is a 6 out of 10 (10 is the highest)!  Praise the LORD … J is steadily progressing upward!


This post is in Jennene’s words 🙂

“-Not much happened today.
-Eric and I stayed in bed all day and rested.
-Eric is still sick but maybe a little better.
-I’m feeling better but still very weak; occasionally light headed, but food is tasting better thankfully.
-I didn’t eat much b/c I’m still needing to go slow due to indigestion; Things seem to digest right now, but we’ll see.

-Talked to mom today for a bit.

-Eric and I are still in good spirits, just walking around really slow and mostly laying around in bed all day.

That’s all I got. Not much action! :0

We’re still thankful we both have jobs and life.”



Today’s post will be in Jennene’s words :

“Today eric and I were two sickies in bed all day. But thank God I felt better today.

Eric went to the doc this morning and has a sinus infection. We’re both taking it very slow and easy today. He is staying home tomorrow, and we are avoiding much contact so I don’t get sick from him.

After the doctor, E picked up prescriptions for the both of us and then some McDonald’s breakfast for both of us.


-Things tasted much better today — still a tiny bit strange, and my mouth is drier than usual, but thankfully I was able to eat almost normally.

-Nadine brought a lovely dinner of chicken enchilada and rice and chips. I really enjoyed it!


-Digestion is better (hope it doesn’t swing the other way).

-Now I’m having a bit of tenderness in the neck and stomach.


-for WBC count and that I don’t get what Eric has.

-Also that Eric will get better. He’s tired and weak and sounds like the bassist bass ever.


-despite both of us being sick and weak, we still enjoyed being together all day.

-Also, I read some of my Facebook/blog comments from people and was overwhelmed with everyone’s support and kindness. It was really overwhelming. I can’t believe the power of technology to mobilize good things like that. The Lord really used it to lift my spirits.


-J does not feel great (see ‘new symptoms’ list below)
-J spent most of the day in bed (watching cooking shows 🙂 )
-I got to J’s around 3:30 and we talked about how she’s feeling and her thoughts about trusting the LORD in the possible reality of infertility (as a result of all the drugs used to kill the cancer).  Though, she has some recurring sadness about it, she still has a deep trust in God’s perfect plan for she & Eric
-E got home around 5pm and it appears that he has a cold (please pray that J’s immune system will be unaffected by it!)  E will be staying home from work on Thursday 😦
-J didn’t eat much today: tea, toast, water, blueberries … though she’s slightly hungry, nothing sounds good or tastes good . . . and I quote J, “You know it’s bad when even mint tea tastes bad.”  😦  tea is J’s favorite
-J was able to ‘enjoy’ some green beans for dinner 🙂
-Today she’s been a 4 or 5 out of 10 (10 is the best).  It wavers from moment to moment.

-Inside her mouth tastes bad … she said like milk … not rotten,  just milk
-J has had digestive issues all morning… the opposite version of all the other chemo treatments

-The injections that J has to take everynight after chemo (for about 5-7 nights, depending on her white blood cell count) usually hurt.  Last night it did not hurt!!!!  PTL
-While J hasn’t had strength to read them all, SO many of you have commented today and it’s incredibly encouraging.  You have no idea… just hearing a ‘hello’ or ‘thinking of you/praying for you’ or ‘remember when…’ …they’re all unbelievably encouraging to Jennene!

Sooooo, thank you for responding to her need and offering your effort and kind words.

It TOTALLY makes an impact!