Hello friends!
I am enjoying the freedom of summer these days.
My summer will seem shorter than usual due to radiation being on every weekday (probably starting in mid-July. I’ll know more info at my planning appointment on July 8).

Eric and I greatly enjoyed all our traveling and visitors, but it is so nice now to be able to slow down and relax for a little while. He and I really enjoy each other’s company, and we have officially been enjoying each other’s company in marriage for 6 years. I often wondered if he would find me less attractive while bald or if he would be irritated by my need for more service on his part, but any worries I had were unnecessary.
Eric was the dream husband during this ordeal — so supportive and easy to be with.

So for our anniversary last night he wanted to do something just the two of us, and something special.
So he made reservations at Le Chene, a local French restaurant.
On the way there we were graced with a beautiful sunset and a short backroads drive.
When we got there, we wanted to choose unique things from the menu that we wouldn’t normally be able to get at other restaurants, so I ordered rabbit and he ordered duck. Delicious! Yes, they kinda both tasted like chicken… ha ha.
We liked the ambiance and the chance to have a romantic dinner together.
We also lived dangerously and took in a late movie.
It was a great celebration of 6 great years being married to my favorite man. Even this morning he said something to me that almost brought tears to my eyes — something like “life is so much better with you.” The Lord has truly blessed me.   I read recently a blog where a woman has been listing and numbering the gifts from God in her life (A cool idea — seems the list would be very long!), and that moment w/ Eric was one that would go in the list, for sure. 🙂

Overall, 9.8 out of 10 (10 is the best)



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