One week of radiation down!
So far I am doing very well with it, and it has been easy.
I know it could get harder as the tiredness may build up, but I am thankful for how well I am feeling.
I will have 3 more weeks of morning radiation, and then I will start back to work and have afternoon radiation (after work) for 2 weeks.
Fortunately the first week back at work is very low key — meetings and work days until Wednesday, and then 2 days of teaching before the weekend. Also, students are usually very well behaved in the first two weeks of school, so I am praying all of these things will factor into a transition that is not too hard.

I have been more tired in the morning and have been sleeping later, perhaps effects of the radiation or perhaps Eric and I have been staying up later? But I still feel I’m a 9.9/10.

Lately I have enjoyed ramping up my activity level.
My mom is in town again and I have been trying to help her with doing projects around the house — for me that is mostly painting and light helping in the yard.
This past week I enjoyed many activities with my church body — I helped Eric with sound and PowerPoint for our church’s VBS, I went on a movie outing with the worship team (saw Food, Inc.), I volunteered with the worship team ladies at the Women Discipling Women conference, and I went to Adam and Megan P’s shared birthday party with the worship team.
Looking back on it, it seems like I’ve been busy, but I haven’t felt too tired or anything.
I’m hoping that these activities will prepare me for the daily demands of teaching. So far I am encouraged with my stamina.
Thank you all for your prayers for my continued health!

* I learned a lot about RUNNING SOUND and even did a little on my own — I have a new understanding and respect for the guys who minister in the soundbooth.
There are times when it looks easy, but they have to do many things at once that we barely notice, unless, of course, they make a make a mistake or have technical difficulties!
It is one of those “thankless” ministries, so if you have a sound crew at church that you haven’t thanked recently, let me encourage you to do so. 🙂

* FOOD, INC. was a fun night.
I enjoyed especially the concept of the debrief after the film.
It is, naturally, a controversial documentary that led to interesting discussion and different points of view that were fun to share and hear. It was good to be around the worship team also because it’s been a while since I have spent time with all of them. I am looking forward to eventually rehearsing and singing again with them. I’m thankful for how God has shown me how much I often have taken it for granted — it’s been good to “take a break” from it so that I can appreciate being a part of it so much more.

I met several neat ladies and also got to know a little better some of the ladies from church, like Lynn Greenfield and Kyndra McCrary. Kyndra and I volunteered together in one of the breakout seminars on imitating Christ in our emotions, which led to a great debrief with she and I afterwards. It was cool to hear some of the things going on in her life and hear her talk about the Biblical truths from the seminar that applied to her situation. I loved the fellowship and mutual encouragement of that debrief time!
I was also struck overall by how the gospel is truly a lifelong part of our lives — that we are always to come to the Lord totally dependent on His grace to live our lives. I always appreciate the Biblical counseling angle of seeing the gospel and the Word of God as totally sufficient for our lives! It was a great day of reminders.

* I got another opportunity to spend time with CHURCH FRIENDS at the Powell’s birthday — it was a nice night of sitting outside, eating yummy food and sitting around talking and laughing. I was surrounded by fun, funny people that I am thankful for. I hope I can continue to feel the gratitude even when I am back in the regular day to day schedule of things.



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