Two weeks of radiation down! Only 4 weeks to go!
I still feel fine and haven’t noticed any ill effects.
On Friday I had a meeting with a doctor to assess my progress and see if I had any skin problems, but it was a short meeting since I don’t have any yet. The doctor said that was normal, but that I might have more redness or irritation later in the process. She encouraged me to start using aloe vera gel on the area just to keep it moisturized, but not right before treatment.
I will have morning radiation for 2 more weeks, and then I will start back to work and switch to afternoon radiation for my last two weeks. Then I’ll be done! 🙂

1. My mom was here until Friday helping us with projects in the yard — we got a lot done!
We moved the fence and fixed some sprinklers and did several other improvements, so it is much nicer outside and a little safer for kids. My time this week was mostly taken up with these projects and with spending time with mom, but I did enjoy a short trip to the local farmer’s market with Meg Powell.
I’ve been enjoying cooking and healthy eating a lot these days and hope I can continue to make time for that when I’m back at work.  My goal is to keep balance in my life so that my work does not take over the whole day — I want to be able to keep up with other activities, relationships, obligations, etc.
This is something I’m not very good at, so I would covet your prayers.

2.  Also, I had a good time selling some items at Nadine’s garage sale yesterday — several of our friends were there selling items too, so it was a fun group, and I sold everything I brought except for 3 beanies and a pair of socks. It is nice to see a little more space around the house, and I always enjoy the price negotiations at garage sales.

3. Lastly, we spent a little bit of time with my dad — he has been hankering to use Rosetta Stone to learn Chinese, so we finally managed to get him up and running to use it. He and I also had some interesting conversations about UFO’s — he thinks they are a technologically advanced race, while I feel they are products of spiritual deception.  It is always a challenge to dialogue with my dad about these things because of our different world views, but I am thankful that I have been learning about apologetics without anger in these situations in the last few years. Though my dad refuses to be convinced of the Biblical world view, I have been more and more capable of defending the truth while avoiding getting upset. I think Eric has been instrumental in this because he is very interested in apologetics and exposes me to a lot of the resources he comes across.

Today we picked up my dad for lunch, and on the way I realized that I was not wearing a wig and that dad would most likely notice that I had a new, short “haircut.” Well, I figured I might as well let him know what has been going on with me, and better that than wear a wig in this heat! So when he came to the car and noticed my hair, I let him know that I had finished chemo for breast cancer. He wasn’t thrilled that I had chosen traditional medicine, and he had several alternative treatments to share with me, but he wasn’t upset and was glad that what I had done had worked.
So I’m sure that I will now hear about the various things that he comes across that cure cancer… in case any of you want to know about those. 🙂 But I’m thankful that he now knows about my situation.



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